Diplomatic Kindness as Saudi Ambassador organize Ramadan Iftar

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Ibrahim Muhammed

Minister of Information, Lai Muhammed, NAHCON Chairman Barr Abdullahi Mukhtar Muhammed, Saudi Ambassador to Nigeria, Adnan Mahmoud Bostaji, FCT Minister Muhammed Bello during the Ramadan Iftar


The Saudi Arabia Ambassador to Nigeria Adnan Mahmoud Bostaji on Tuesday hosted some Islamic scholars, religious leaders, diplomats, Journalists and top government functionaries to iftar dinner at Dunes restaurant situated in Maitama in Abuja.

Top among those that attended the Iftar are: FCT Minister, Muhammed Bello, Minister of Information, Lai Muhammed, Brigadier Buba Marwa Rtd, NAHCON Chairman, Barr Abdullahi Mukhtar Muhammed, The Secretary general of Jamatul Nasril Islam, Dr Khalid and hosts of diplomats from other countries.


I was invited under the canopy of Independent Hajj Reporters to be part of those who will break Ramadan fasting will the Saudi diplomat. The events provided an opportunity for me to have the first interaction with Ambassador Adnan Mahmoud Bostaji. My perception about him melted away the moment I saw him stood at the entrance of the Royal Hall in the sixth floor of the Dunes centre, receiving and welcoming guests with a brotherly hug.



Having received the guest, Mr Bostaji thereafter moves from table to table to once again welcomes his guests.

This acts of diplomatic kindness is unheard of before owing to widely held perception that Saudi Arabia operates a close kind of diplomatic system.


For example, the hospitality provided by Saudi Arabia during Umrah and Hajj should gave birth to unique setting for the exchange of ideas and culture at a very personal level by representatives of the Custodian of the two holly mosques in their hosts country. The resultant effects is that  ambassadors and hosts becomes friends, despite their differences, and begin crossing the barriers that normally separate them. Being a good guest also means expressing gratitude in appropriate ways.

This will ultimately reshape the mind set of people who erroneously have a wrong perception on the ability of Saudi Arabia to operate an open diplomatic structure to gain global supports.

I have heard people saying Saudi Arabia are not hospitable to strangers. This is quite untrue.
Which other country in the world hosts millions of citizen of other counties throughout the year (as in the case of Umrah) and hosts over 4 million for 30 – 45 days during hajj  every and in a cascading order and yet they have never complain of system failure. At our individual level, many of us will grudgingly squeeze our faces if a guest stays beyond a week in our house.

At our individual level, many of us will grudgingly squeeze faces if a stranger stays beyond a week in our house.

It is an established fact that engaging in an unfamiliar environment can feel foreign– because it is! It can be a scary and exciting to establish yourself in a new city, a new country, and even a new continent.


Such challenges can be overcome by creating relationships in your host country and will definitely make your assignments a more positive experience and offer you a support group of friends, professional relationships, and even a second place to call home.


Foreign diplomats needs to understand that their time is limited and should strive hard to makes best of it.

Many of those that attended the events express their appreciation on the humility displayed by the Saudi Ambassador. There was a pure milk in each and every table but the ambassador complements this with his charming smile and a milk of kindness.



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