2024 Hajj: We’ll provide local menu, 24hr shuttle service for Nigerian pilgrims – Saudi service provider

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The Saudi Arabian service provider, the Mutawiff of African  Non-Arab Countries, a company that provides services to African pilgrims during Hajj, has promised to provide local meals to Nigerian pilgrims during the 2024 Hajj.


The company has also pledged to provide 24-hour transpiration service to the Nigerian pilgrims, aimed at fulfilling its promises of improved services following outcry of Nigerian authorities over poor services during 2023 Hajj.


Dr. Ahmad Abbas Sindi,  Chairman of the Establishment, made the promise at a meeting with acting Chairman/CEO of the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON), Mallam Jalal Ahmed Arabi, at the Commission’s headquarters in Abuja on Sunday.


In a statement by Mousa Ubandawaki, Deputy Director, Information and Publication of NAHCON, Mr Sindi stated this in response to Mr Arabi’s demand for improved services come 2024 Hajj.


“In response, the Chairman of Mutawif assured of a revamped Hajj experience for Nigerian pilgrims in the upcoming 2024 Hajj.”


He stated that efforts and commitments have been made to improve service delivery in Mina and Arafat, citing changes in manpower, systems, and control of the Arafat project.


“He also highlighted plans to enhance toilet facilities and their distribution. In terms of catering, a new policy is to be implemented to ensure Nigerian pilgrims are served promptly and with a Nigerian menu,” the statement reads in parts.


“We have engaged vendors to source produce from Nigeria and hired Nigerian cooks to ensure that meals served during the Masha’ir align with Nigerian tastes,” he added. “We are fully committed to implementing these improvements and ensuring efficient food delivery from the kitchen to the tents. We promise a remarkable Hajj in 2024, Insha Allah.”


“Regarding transportation, he pointed out that arrangements have been made to increase the frequency of shuttle buses between Mina, Muzdalifa, Arafat, and Makkah to address previous transportation issues. The Chairman assured that the bus services would operate 24 hours to accommodate pilgrims,” Mr Sindi was quoted as saying in the statement.


He further stated that despite the investments and financial commitments to modernize and improve services, pilgrims and Hajj missions will not bear additional financial burdens.


He stated, “While we have committed a significant investment to upgrade services, pilgrims can expect reduced or unchanged charges. Our aim is to ensure a memorable Hajj in 2024, Insha Allah.”


In addressing refunds for services not rendered during the 2023 Hajj, Sindi promised that the necessary reimbursements would be made.


Earlier, the NAHCON boss, appealed to the Saudi Arabian service provider, the Mutawiff of African  Non-Arab Countries , to significantly enhance services for Nigerian pilgrims in the Masha’ir.


He stressed the importance of a collaborative effort to find solutions  to  the issues encountered during the 2023 Hajj.


The meeting which was attended by some secretaries of state pilgrims welfare boards , executives and members of the Association of Hajj and Umrah operators of Nigeria (AHUON), addressed concerns regarding services in Masha’ir during the 2023 Hajj and outlined plans for the 2024 Hajj, particularly in the  areas of  feeding, transportation, space allocation, security, and refunds, among other topics.


He emphasized that the purpose of the interface was to pave the way for a new approach that would effectively address the problems faced during the 2023 Hajj.

“As partners, we are here to discuss, collaborate, engage, and interact, with the aim of nurturing this partnership.


The 2023 Hajj has gone, and the 2024 Hajj is approaching. Therefore, it is essential to address all details and ensure a smoother experience than what was achieved  in the past,” he stated.

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