Hajj 2022: Last Kano pilgrim arrives after 35 days in Saudi hospital 

by admin


Dahiru Abubakar Kibiya, a 38-year- old pilgrim from Kano state who was among the pilgrims that went to Saudi Arabia for this year’s hajj, has finally returned home after spending 35 days at the Intensive Care Unit of   a  hospital based in Madina , Saudi Arabia.


Blueprint findings revealed that Dahiru could not perform the normal hajj rituals, as he was infected with the tetanus of the lungs which eventually forced him to be bed-ridden    throughout the period of the hajj exercise.


Narrating his ordeal  at the state headquarters of the Pilgrims Board in Kano Thursday, Dahiru said surviving such a grueling ordeal requires one to be grateful to his creator for giving him the leeway to survive,  adding that he had never imagined that he could be struck by an ailment known as tetanus of the lungs after it was diagnosed.


He said treating such a complex ordeal required a vigorous and  intensive medical care and that he was properly taken care of by the officials of the state pilgrims board and the medical authorities in the hospital throughout his sojourn.


He added that in such a precarious condition, one needs prompt attention.



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