Hajj 2024: How we provided ‘extra services for Nigerian pilgrims- Saudi Service Provider

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A Saudi-based service provider who facilitated the provision of Tents and feeding for Nigerian pilgrims in Mina during this year’s Hajj, Ithraa Alkhair has said that the company provided some extra services to ensure comfort for the pilgrims.

Speaking to HAJJ REPORTERS in Makkah recently, a senior official of the Company who craved anonymity hinged the relative success in feeding and space management in Tent D to the robust pre-hajj engagements between the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) and the Mutawiff for African Non-Arab countries.

“This year, Ithraa Al-Khair provided an additional 12,000 spaces that accommodated an additional 12,000 pilgrims in Mina and Arafat which increased the space utilized in Tents D in Mina by 23 percent.

“This was an extra arrangement outside the operationally agreed number of pilgrims allocated to us this year in Mina. It cost us a lot of money but we are determined to do whatever it takes to ensure a realistic comfort for Nigerian Pilgrims,” the source said.

Speaking further, the source said “in Arafat, we created a garden like resting place outside the Tents with Fan on each lane and I am sure you would have noticed that not all countries enjoy such facilities. It is another added value service we introduced this year”

The official said many pilgrims were not aware that the special bedding and extra package that included a pillow, small hand rechargeable fan, portable umbrella, heat resistant blanket, toothpaste and brush was also provided to Nigerian pilgrims as part of efforts to satisfy their clients

The source who praised NAHCON for their constant pressure and commitment said whatever they achieved this year was a result of commission’s desire to improve services to Nigerian pilgrims.

“Our Chairman, Dr Ahmed Sindi made it clear to us that we have no choice but to go the extra mile to please Nigerian pilgrims this year,” he said.

Similarly,  another specialised team,  Injaz, which was sub contracted by Ithraa Alkhair has commended NAHCON for significantly contributing to the success of the catering projects at the holy sites by putting its entire attention, harnessing and providing all capabilities and requirements for the success of the project in a way that ensures and guarantees the success of the project which also made sure meals are provided to all segments of pilgrims on time and in required quantity and quality as well. 

In a Preliminary report of the company for the 2024 hajj operations seen by HAJJ REPORTERD, the Injaz team expressed their sincere thanks and deep appreciation to the officials of the NAHCON for their “great efforts, constructive cooperation and support that made us a more  united and effective team, we hereby wish to pass our heartfelt thanks and appreciation”.

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