Having a Suya taste in Makkah @Amm Qaddoor

by admin


Hajj and Umrah pilgrims from Nigeria and other countries across the word can now have a real taste of the popular northern Nigerian Suya in Makkah.

Located within the vicinity of the Holy city, Amm Qaddoor has become a spot where you feel home away from home.

A senior NAHCON Official, Ishaq Ibrahim Jae, who posted this in his social media handles, said he “was introduced to a suya spot, popularly known as tsire in Hausa parlance in Makkah.

“The name of the suya spot is Amm Qaddoor, which literally means Baba Abdulqadir. It is a beautiful suya spot located within the vicinity of the holy city.

“The meat sold there is well garnished and deliciously prepared with seasonings that gives it a sensational aroma and taste,” he said.

According to him, the suya spot is being patrionised by Arabian customers more than even the Hausa people due to its special taste.

The Independent Hajj Reporters (IHR) said that the Amm Qaddoor would serve as a place where Nigerians can take their global friends to have a taste of the popular cuisine and also a way of soft diplomacy.

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