NAHCON begins preparation for 2023 Hajj

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Hajj Reporters


The National Hajj Commission Of Nigeria (NAHCON), has said that it has commenced the preparation for 2023 Hajj in earnest with a promise to learn from the challenges of 2022 Hajj.


NAHCON Chairman, Barr Zikrullah Kunle Hassan revealed this yesterday during the post Arafat stakeholders meeting in Makkah. The meeting was organised by NAHCON to review the challenges encountered during the first phase of the operations and to announce plan for the return journey.


In his opening remark, NAHCON Chairman said “after two years without hajj, we have operated this year’s hajj with a lot of challenges and of course this is not an avenue to do post mortem that will come later”


Hassan said the commission has taken steps to rectify some of the problems encountered by private tour operators. “Tour Operators suffered because for some of them, their IBAN accounts were not credited. Today, we went to muasasa and they confirmed to us that the money is in their account and promised to effect refund on request”





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