NAHCON has transformed hajj Operations – Ex Commissioner

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The immediate past commissioner for Home Affairs, Lagos state Dr Abdul Hakeem Abdul Lateef has commended the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON), for championing changes that have transformed hajj operations in Nigeria.


Dr Abdul Hakeem Abdul Lateef who is also the 2019 Lagos Amirul Hajj said this today in a post he sent to Independent Hajj Reporters WhatsApp group.



See his statement below




I am Dr Abdul Hakeem Abdul Lateef the Amirul hajj Lagos state. I wish to commend the forthrightness of NAHCON and the proactiveness of its management in respect of Hajj operations. There are change champions and change sceptics. Dr Mukhtar is no doubt a celebrated change champion. We all need to believe that a big bang change is not achievable but changes on an incremental basis which is why year in year out, Pilgrims have a lot of reasons to smile on account of one policy or the other of NAHCON. May Allah bless the Acting Chairman and all management staff.


”The Officers are very diligent and God-fearing. I have a particularly exciting experience with Dr Tanko either when I became Chairman of the Board in 2011 or when I became the Hon Commissioner for Home Affairs in 2015. I can remember we had issues with our accommodation service provider and that delayed issuance of Visa. Dr Tanko stood so compassionately even outside office hours to sort us out. I then felt I needed to appreciate this selfless man the dollar way. He bluntly refused to collect a dime from me saying he was doing his job.


”This is the same attitude of many others,  DD audit, Alhaji Goni, Dr Kana and the rest of them. Alhaji Fuad Adeyemi is a very selfless and result oriented Officer. He is always available to resolve issues in the South west especially representing the Chairman when necessary and very ready to fly down in jiffy to resolve issues. Alhaji Mubarak the Lagos Zonal coordinator has brought a lot of improvement to the sector in the management of airlifting from the zone.


”It is now smooth and seamless. There is no perfect system anywhere in the world. Let all stakeholders especially the Airline operators be diligent and efficient in their services because that is the greatest challenge of Hajj currently. We need to work towards reducing the number of days spent in Saudi ARABIA to less than a month. That should be our target.


”Lastly, I commend our media team, the Independent Hajj Reporters for their consistency and a keen taste for decency, transparency,  objectivity and hard work. It gladdens my heart that Lagos state won the award as the most disciplined state-contingent. This is arguably the most difficult award because it is a direct assessment of the behaviour and disposition of our Pilgrims during 2018 hajj. I commend all other states and private tour operators and would like us to see this assignment as a unique privilege to make Al Jannah. Once again let us cooperate with NAHCON for a rewarding success in Hajj operations. I wish us all safe flights this year. Aamin.


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