Saudi Arabia Allows Umrah Pilgrims To Stay For Up To 90 Days

by admin


Various Saudi media outlets have reported that Saudi Arabia allows Umrah pilgrims to choose any airport for their arrival and departure from the country and can stay up to 90 days.

Pilgrims can also use any airport.

According to the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, there are no specific airports for pilgrims who may enter or leave the kingdom via any international or regional airport within the kingdom.

Umrah pilgrims are allowed to remain in the kingdom for up to 90 days and are free to travel between Makkah, Medina, and other cities in the kingdom. The ministry said pilgrims might apply for Umrah visas through approved electronic platforms.

However, the Eatmarna app must be used by persons with Umrah visas to ensure that they are not infected with COVID-19 or have had contact with someone infected.


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