Saudi Arabia studies Umra visa extension proposal

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A Shoura Council panel is studying a proposal to extend the Umra visa period to three months. (SPA)

A Shoura Council member said the council is expected to adopt a proposal to extend the Umra visa period to three months after it is studied, Al-Watan newspaper reported Friday.

Vice chairman of the council’s financial committee, Dr. Fahad bin Jumah, said the extension will be based on meeting certain conditions, including the financial capacity of extension seekers.

An extended Umra visa would enable pilgrims to enjoy local tourist activities and attractions, support the economy and local tourism, and create jobs as medium and small businesses supporting tourism will emerge, he added.

Jumah said insufficient investment in tourism infrastructure, such as hotels and resorts, is obstructing tourism activity, and the private sector is insufficiently encouraged.

He called on the General Authority for Entertainment to distribute tourist activities in different regions of the country to develop tourist services. He also recommended that tourist activities include national heritage.

 Arab News | Published — Saturday 11 March 2017

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