Telangana NRI Forum honour 2023 Hajj volunteers

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Telangana NRI Forum (TNRIF) Riyadh presented certificates of appreciation to the volunteers who served during Hajj 2023, in recognition of their valuable services. The felicitation ceremony was held at the Success International School, Mansurah.


The chief guest of the event, convener of Steering Committee of Indian Embassy, Riyadh, Mohammed Zaigham Khan, said that serving the pilgrims is a praiseworthy service. Pilgrims stay at a new place to perform Haj rituals and face difficulties like health issues, losing way back to their tent, etc. Hajj volunteers offer them water, drinks, etc. and guide them in case of losing their way, refer them to the hospital if they face any health issue etc. He said that it is a blessing for the pilgrims to have these services by volunteers.


Maulana Aftab Alam Madani praised the government of Saudi Arabia for the unprecedented arrangements for Hajj. He said that the days of Hajj (tashreeq) are considered as the most pious days of the Islamic year. The reward of good deeds during these days is very high. Allah may reward the haj volunteers with the ajar equivalent to the reward of performing haj. He praised and congratulated the president of TNRIF Abdul Jabbar, other office bearers and all the volunteers.

Some of the volunteers shared their experiences on field.

In the beginning, TNRIF President Abdul Jabbar known as “Anna” welcomed the guests and shed light on the performance of the organization. He thanked the volunteers, especially the female volunteers for their support.

Steering Committee member Eng. Mohammed Mubeen appreciated the services of women volunteers and expected their numbers to increase in future as the problems of women pilgrims are different from that of men and women volunteers will help them more efficiently.

Other community leaders Santosh Shetty, Shihab Kottukad, Dr. Anwar Khurshid, K N Wasif also addressed and praised hajj volunteers for their services.

Certificates of appreciation issued by Indian Pilgrims Welfare Association (IPWA) were presented to all the volunteers.

Shabbir Hussain thanked the management of Success International School and the guests. The event began with the recitation of the versus from Holy Quran. Abdul Rahman Omari presented the nasheed.



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