48 days to Hajj 2021: Indonesia to decide this week whether to send pilgrims

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Indonesia Minister of religious affairs said he will consult with President Joko Widodo this week to decide if the country will send pilgrims to perform hajj 2021 this year.


He said it already too late because there are less than 50 days to Dhul Hijah 8(18th of July) being the date of start of Hajj and there is no official word that will help Indonesia to secure all necessary arrangement.


The Minister who is speaking to an Indonesia based online news outlets Al Salam Gateway said “We are still waiting for official information from Saudi Arabia in the next couple of days and hopefully by this week we can make decision.


Indonesia last year makes decision to cancel their participation in Hajj 2020 on the 10th of Shawwal (June 2nd) and the Minister spoke to the news outlet on May 19th of Shawwal (May 31st).


Minister Yaqut stated that currently none of Indonesia hajj preparation is certain. Flight contracts, pilgrims documentations and pilgrims payment processes. All this technical process can only start once Indonesia officially receives quota from Saudi Arabia



Sources Al Salam Gateway


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