JUST IN: Saudi Arabia abolish requirements for empty row, eases Covid restrictions on mosques

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Saudi Arabia has orders ease precautionary measures of COVID-19 from Mosques across the Kingdom, the religious affairs ministry of Saudi Arabia has announced on Sunday.


Also the Dawah and Guidance department of their ministry of Islamic Affairs has recently reopened a number of mosques after temporarily shutting them down for sanitization purposes.


The following Covid 19 protocols has been eased across the Kingdom with immediate effect


  1. Return of Mushafs (Quran) to the Mosques
  2. Removing time limitations between Adhan and Iqamah and of the Jumuah Khutbah
  3. Return of lessons in Mosques
  4. Removing the requirement of leaving an empty row
  5. Allowing replacement of Water and Refrigerators in Mosques
  6. Allowing Mosques to reopen one hour before Jumu’ah


Source: Haramain Sharifain

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