Edo Prepares Intending Pilgrims Across Senatorial Districts as Airlift Begins May 15

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In a comprehensive effort to ensure the health and safety of all intending pilgrims, Edo State has embarked on a series of inoculation exercises across its senatorial districts.

Today, the focus was on the Edo South Senatorial District, with similar events scheduled for Edo North on Saturday May 4 and Sunday May 5, 2024.

Under the leadership of Sheikh Ibrahim Oyarekhua, the Edo State Muslim Pilgrim Welfare Board spearheaded the vaccination drive at its headquarters in Benin City. The event saw the administration of essential vaccines including meningitis, OPV, and yellow fever, preparing pilgrims for their forthcoming journey to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj pilgrimage.

Sheikh Oyarekhua emphasized the mandatory nature of these vaccinations, stressing their importance as prerequisites for all Muslim travelers embarking on the sacred pilgrimage. 

He said:”This exercise fulfills a prerequisite for us as Muslims and travelers to the holy land. We urgent you all to cooperate. We have doctors and nurses on hand to administer the vaccines. Please, feel free to interact with them and disclose any underlying health conditions. We assure you of cooperation from the board and the medical team”.

Oyarekhua also expressed gratitude to the state governor for facilitating the exercise and extending support to the Muslim community.

“We use this opportunity to thank the Governor for his support to the board and the Muslim community in general”

Hon. Zubairu Dada Abubakar, the Commissioner for the Edo State Ministry of Youth and Humanitarian Affairs, echoed the importance of patience and discipline among the intending pilgrims, underscoring the significance of adhering to health protocols.

He said: “I will only add that you should be patient and discipline during this exercise”

The structured vaccination sequence, which commenced with prominent figures including Hon. Zubairu Dada Abubakar, the first Ameerul Hajj, Alhaji Abdulfatah Enabulele, the second Ameerul Hajj, and Controller Uba Waziri of the Nigeria Immigration Service, Edo State Command, exemplifies Edo State’s commitment to ensuring the well-being of its pilgrims across all districts.

As the countdown to departure continues, Edo State is doing it’s best for thorough preparation and comprehensive health measures, ensuring a safe and fulfilling Hajj experience for all its pilgrims.

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