Hajj 2024: CSO commends Kaduna agency for refunding $50 to Pilgrims

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Press Release

Independent Hajj Reporters (IHR), has commended the Kaduna State Pilgrims Welfare Agency for promising to refund $50 to its pilgrims, following the downward price review it got from the company that it engaged to slaughter animals on their behalf.

The announcement of the refund was made recently by Air Vice Marshall Muhammad Rabiu Dabo (rtd) a board member of the Agency who chaired the Hadaya Committee.

Alhaji Dabo also disclosed that the pilgrims will either be paid in Saudi Arabia or Nigeria, depending on their preferences.

IHR in a statement in Sunday in Makkah said the transparency exhibited by the Kaduna agency must be commended especially coming at a time of too much secrecy surrounding the issues of payment of Hadaya services by pilgrims and its execution from some states. Pilgrims deserves to know how much was expended on the Hadaya project on their behalf whether it is less or higher than what they are charged by the committee sets up by States Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Boards – such will create atmosphere of trust and confidence in the minds of general public and prospective pilgrims

“We are aware that some states charge higher than Kaduna state to undertake Hadaya for their pilgrims, but we are yet to hear of any form of public announcement on how much was involved or refund,” IHR said.

The CSO said the Kaduna officials deserve commendation particularly because, it realised that about 700 pilgrims who initially paid for the Hadaya ahead of their trip to Saudi Arabia are the ones to be refunded after foreign exchange differentials.

“We urge all officials to emulate from the example set by Kaduna state and refund pilgrims if there is any downward review of price of Rams purchased for their pilgrims. Doing so will earn you rewards more than you can imagine,” IHR added


Ibrahim Muhammed

For: Independent Hajj Reporters

23rd June, 2024

Misfala, Makkah Saudi Arabia

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