Hajj 2024: Pakistan rolls out 300 luxury buses in Makkah to boost pilgrim transportation

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The religious affairs ministry has designated bus stops around the Grand Mosque to avoid any traffic hindrance

Buses will operate around the clock to provide pilgrims the flexibility to travel to the mosque at their own convenience

Pakistan’s religious affairs ministry said on Friday it was implementing a comprehensive transportation plan to ensure the smooth and comfortable travel of pilgrims within the holy city of Makkah by hiring 300 luxury buses.

Pilgrims from across the world are accommodated in various neighborhoods around Makkah during the Hajj season, with governments and private tour operators arranging their accommodations and providing transportation services to facilitate easier commuting to and from the Grand Mosque.

This arrangement is especially important given the huge influx of people in the city and the logistical challenges it presents.

Additionally, other forms of public transportation like taxis can become more expensive in Makkah due to the increased demand in the Hajj season. The provision of buses and other dedicated transport services can help mitigate these costs for pilgrims, making their overall experience more manageable financially and logistically.

“The government has hired 300 luxury buses to transport pilgrims from their residences directly to the Haram [Grand Mosque] in Makkah, Saudi Arabia,” the ministry informed in a statement. “The bus service is available around the clock in order to provide pilgrims with the flexibility to travel at their convenience.”

The ministry said bus stops had been constructed at four entry points surrounding the mosque to ensure efficient and organized transportation.

The pick-and-drop locations, it continued, were designated to ensure a smooth flow of traffic and minimize any congestion in the area.

“The government has assigned guides to assist pilgrims throughout their journey to further enhance the travel experience,” the statement added. “These guides help pilgrims travel through their designated routes, ensuring that they reach their destination without any difficulties.”

The ministry maintained it wanted a hassle-free transportation plan to ensure the pilgrims focused on their worship while carrying out their spiritual journey.

Over 42,000 Pakistani pilgrims have so far arrived in Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj.

The country has a Hajj quota of 179,210 pilgrims, of which around 70,000 people will perform the pilgrimage under the government scheme, while the rest will benefit from private tour operators.

The annual pilgrimage this year is expected to run from June 14 till June 19.

Source: Arab News

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