Hajj 2024: Saudi Ministry of Hajj Release New Entry Requirement/Guidelines for pilgrims

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1) Compliance with health requirements and guidelines related to those coming to the Kingdom for the purpose of Hajj for the season 1445 AH (2024 AD) season, for review

2) In order to obtain Hajj visas, all pilgrims must have separate international passports, and the validity period of the passport is not less than 6 months, from the date of arrival to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

3) It is prohibited to raise the national flag of the state on the pilgrims’ residences, or in any location of the pilgrims’
residence sites or use images with sectarian or religious connotations, sectarianism at pilgrim’s residence.

4) Pilgrims must be emphasized not to carry in-kind and cash belongings in public places, which exposes them to loss and alarm them not to rush and crowd.

5) Compliance in the Grouping programs in its all stages in accordance with the approved plan and timetable for that, and adhering to the specified timetables for exiting pilgrims from their camps to the Jamarat (Pelting) Bridge, and they are not allowed to go to the Jamarat (Pelting) facilities outside the specified schedule times.

6) Photographing devices, including mobile phones, should not be used for filming purposes that undermine the security and integrity of the Two Holy Mosques and the Holy Sites and their intended recipients, or using them as a means of practices that may disturb security and public order, such as raising the flags of some countries,
and spreading political slogans and partisan, or ideological or sectarian trends, and its use in the media on social media, etc.

7) Penalties for drug offenses (smuggling, possession, abuse, carrying) and alerting them and warning them against bringing drugs or other prohibited items whatever was their type and name, and it will apply to those with whom something of these substances is seized, as stipulated by the regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in
this regard.

8) Respecting cultural differences between different pilgrims.

9) All pilgrims, representatives of the Pilgrimage Affairs Offices and affiliated organizers must avoid all propaganda activities, printing or distributing leaflets, or holding gatherings with political or other goals that distract pilgrims from worshiping and performing rituals, such as holding seminars and meetings, media, and books under
whatever name and whatever the reasons may be, in compliance with the guidance in the Holy Qur’an (Let there be no obscenity, no immorality, and no quarrelling during Hajj) (Surat Al-Baqarah, verse (197))

10) The authorities in the Kingdom prohibit the entry of foodstuffs with those coming for Hajj and Umrah, with the exception of canned foods intended for personal use in small quantities, provided that they are in containers that
are easy to inspect.

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