JUST IN: Tajikistan Impose $50 Tourist fee on pilgrims 

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The lower chamber of Parliament of Tajikistan at the meeting of 26 April adopted a law on compulsory payments for foreign tourists and hajj pilgrims.

Now every foreigner on arrival in Tajikistan wilto pay l have to pay $1.

The same duty will be charged of Tajiks who go on holidays abroad through a travel company.

The Parliament also introduced a state duty for pilgrims who want to perform Hajj or lesser Hajj (die): they will have to pay $50 in addition to the cost of organizing the trip.

From the payment of inbound and outbound travel fees will be exempted world war II veterans, participants of liquidation of Chernobyl accident, the disabled first and second groups, children under 16 years and diplomats.

The Minister of Finance of Tajikistan, commenting on the amendments said that the amendments should contribute to the development of tourism. According to him, the country now employs 145 tourist companies. The head of the tourism development Committee under the government of Tajikistan had reported earlier that by the end of 2018, the revenue from tourism in Tajikistan amounted to 214 million somoni ($22.7 million), and the country was visited by 1.1 million foreign tourists. And the President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon said that the influx of tourists in the country during last year increased 2.5 times.

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