Pakistan International Airlines reduces ticket prices for Umrah flights

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Move expected to boost PIA’s passenger load and revenue


Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has announced an immediate reduction in Umrah fares by up to Rs6,000.


The new fares will be applied immediately and will be available for travel to Jeddah from Lahore, Islamabad, Sialkot, Peshawar, Multan, and Faisalabad.


According to a PIA spokesperson, the two-way Umrah fare from these cities to Jeddah will be Rs87,000 excluding tax while the fate will be Rs79,000 from Karachi and Quetta.


The reduction in #Umrah fares is a welcome move for Pakistani pilgrims, who have been facing the brunt of rising inflation and a weakening rupee.


The move is also expected to boost PIA’s passenger load and revenue.


Further, the eagerly awaited announcement of the #Hajj Policy for 2024 faced an unexpected delay on Wednesday as the press conference scheduled by the Minister of Religious Affairs was postponed.

The ministry of religious affairs cited ongoing discussions and efforts to minimize the Hajj package cost as reasons for the delay.

Sources revealed that the federal cabinet had recently approved the #Hajj Policy 2024.

Among the notable changes, a shorter Hajj package lasting between 20 and 25 days has been introduced, offering greater flexibility to potential pilgrims.


Source: samatv


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