So far, over 28,000 Hajj pilgrims arrived in Saudi Arabia

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In 2024, 28,760 pilgrims from Bangladesh have reached Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj. On the other hand, 3 thousand 395 pilgrims have not yet received their visas.

This information is taken from the daily bulletin of the IT Help Desk on the Hajj portal at 2 pm on Sunday (May 19).

After the start of the Hajj flight, 28 thousand 760 pilgrims reached Saudi Arabia till 2 o’clock last night. Among them, 3 thousand 747 pilgrims of government management and 25 thousand 13 pilgrims of private management. So far 72 flights have been operated to Saudi Arabia. Among them, 25 flights are operated by Biman Bangladesh Airlines, 23 by Saudi Airlines and 20 by Flynas Airlines.

This year’s Hajj will be held on June 16 depends on the moon. The flight of pilgrims to Saudi Arabia started last 9 May. The flight will continue till June 10. The return flight will start on June 20 after Hajj. The return flight will end on July 22.

According to the latest information, so far 81 thousand 862 pilgrims have received visas. This year, a total of 85 thousand 257 people will go for Hajj by government and private management. According to that, 3 thousand 395 pilgrims have not yet received their visas.

4 thousand 562 people from Bangladesh under government management and 80 thousand 695 people under private management will go for Hajj.

Source: rtvonline

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