2020 Hajj : Moroccan pilgrims to pay MAD 50,445 ($5,185) as Hajj fare

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The cost for Moroccans to perform the pilgrimage has increased from MAD 49, 906 in 2019 to 50,445 this year.

Rabat – Moroccan pilgrims hoping to perform the 2020 pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia this year will have to pay the fees for the journey between March 2 and 13.

Minister of Islamic Affairs Ahmed Toufiq announced the deadline during a meeting held in Rabat on Monday.

During a speech, the minister spoke about changes made for the 2020 pilgrimage season, stating that there will be no increase in the price of travel tickets.

However, he said that the total fees for the pilgrimage will be set at MAD 50,445 ($5,185) this year. The cost has increased since last year when pilgrims paid only MAD 49,906.

Pilgrims must submit the fees via Al Barid Bank.

The costs, however, do not include personal expenses, only covering include costs of accommodation and meals taken in Mecca and Medina.

The costs also cover transportation and related additional services at Mount Arafat and Mina, luggage, and buses.

The cost also covers the return airfare.

The minister explained the fee will meet the cost of the visa for Saudi Arabia as well as insurance.

He added that the price of tickets to Mecca has been fixed at MAD 11,000, including tax. Members of the Moroccan delegation that will accompany Moroccan pilgrims will only pay MAD 9,500.

Vaccines against meningitis and influenza viruses will cost MAD 419, compared to MAD 480 last year.

Pilgrims should carry an amount of MAD 15,000 for personal expenses, the minister said. They can also use a tourist endowment of MAD 45, 000.

Airlines running flights of the pilgrims will have to fix the schedule, taking into account they must stay for a minimum of 28 days. The maximum period should not exceed 30 days

Airlines do not have the right to change the date of their return to Morocco without the prior agreement of the Moroccan delegation leading the pilgrimage.

The Royal Commission in charge of the pilgrimage in Morocco asked for the strengthening of medical examinations for those hoping to travel.

Women who are six months pregnant cannot go to perform pilgrimage for safety reasons.

Hajj pilgrimage will commence by the end of July and will run until August.

Nearly 32,000 Moroccan pilgrims performed Hajj rituals in 2019.

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