2024 Hajj Registration Begins in Nepal

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The Nepal Hajj Committee, operating under the Ministry of Home Affairs, has announced the commencement of applications for the sacred Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia for the year 2024.


People aspiring to embark on this spiritual journey can submit their applications from July 15 to October 17. Maqbul Miya, the acting chairman of the Nepal Hajj Committee, said that interested participants can conveniently access the application form through the official website of the Nepal Hajj Committee Secretariat.


Individuals are required to visit their respective District Administration Office to initiate the application process. The submission entails completing a form and making a payment of Rs 150,000.


As part of the application package, several documents including a photocopy of the applicant’s Nepali citizenship certificate, passport details, an original receipt of the Rs 150,000 payment made to the Nepal Hajj Committee, a comprehensive Covid-19 vaccination certificate, and a photocopy of the applicant’s bank account check must be provided.


The Saudi Arabian government has allocated a quota of 1,200 slots for Muslims hailing from Nepal to partake in the Hajj pilgrimage during the year 2024.


Source: myrepublica

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