25 Indonesian Hajj Pilgrims Pass Away in Saudi Arabia – Ministry confirms 

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The Ministry of Religious Affairs confirmed that as many as 25 Indonesian pilgrims have died while carrying out Hajj processes. This number was recorded until Wednesday, May 29, 2024, at 9 p.m. local time or Thursday, 01:00 a.m. West Indonesia Time (WIB).

“To date, 25 people (Hajj pilgrims) have died,” said Hajj Media Center (MCH) Officer Widi Dwinanda in a press conference on Thursday. The Ministry stated that the Hajj pilgrims who passed away during Hajj are covered by insurance.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs has recorded the arrival of 131,513 Indonesian Hajj pilgrims in Saudi Arabia, divided into 335 departure groups. “Thursday, May 30, 2024, 20 groups with a total of 7,912 Hajj pilgrims will be flown to Jeddah,” said Widi yesterday.

Widi detailed the number of prospective Hajj pilgrims. According to Widi, the pilgrims will depart via several embarkation points, including the Jakarta-Pondok Gede Embarkation (JKG) with 880 Hajj candidates (two groups), Solo Embarkation (SOC) as many as 1,440 Hajj candidates (four groups), and Medan Embarkation (KNO) with 360 Hajj candidates (one group).

Then the Surabaya Embarkation (SUB) includes 1,113 Hajj pilgrims (three groups), the Palembang Embarkation (PLM) has 444 Hajj pilgrims(one group), the Batam Embarkation (BTH) has 350 Hajj pilgrims (one group), and the Makassar Embarkation (UPG) with 900 pilgrims (two groups).

Furthermore, the Balikpapan Embarkation (BPN) has 324 Hajj pilgrims (one group), the Jakarta-Bekasi Embarkation (JKS) has 1,320 pilgrims (three groups), the Aceh Embarkation (BTJ) with 388 pilgrims (one group), and the Padang Embarkation ( PDG) as many as 393 Hajj pilgrims (one group).

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