Hajj 2024: We are set for smooth Airlift of our Pilgrims – Jigawa Pilgrims Director 

by admin

The director of operations of the agency, Alhaji Muhammad Garba, stated this in an interview with Radio Nigeria in Dutse, the state capital.

He explained that the agency has re-established the coordination system to ensure the welfare of the pilgrims.

The director of operations continued to explain that the process was started after each pilgrim paid the Hajj fee, and the visa process started by uploading the information of each pilgrim.

He added that currently, the agency has 31 groups consisting of 45 pilgrims each to ensure that each group has an officer to lead it in Makkah and Madinah.

 He said that the agency has appointed an officer for each group that will make everyone aware throughout this Hajj.

Muhammad Garba said that if the pilgrims of the local government are less than 45, they will be joined by another local government to be added.

He continued that the group will help identify pilgrims related to health problems such as diabetes and others.

He pointed out that those pilgrims will be considered in terms of feeding, especially in Makkah.

He said that the Pilgrim Welfare Board official that, in charge of pilgrim accommodation in Makkah, has been preparing to allocate rooms for all pilgrims from Nigeria.

He also pointed out that the accommodation will be distributed according to the local authority of each pilgrim.

Alhaji Muhammad Garba added that this mission will help the agency to ensure that every pilgrim is able to perform Hajj successfully.

He requested all officials and pilgrims to cooperate with the agency to achieve the desired goal.

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