4 Kenyan Muslims Cycled 3500km from Nairobi To Makkah For Hajj

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It’s the time of Hajj, the one among the five basic elements of Islam and  the Muslims from all across the world are undertaking this blessing journey to the blessed land of Makkah. As we all know that the Hajj is a mandatory religious duty on every physically able and financially capable Muslim.


People from ages undertook this holy journey despite all the difficulties. Traditionally, camels were used for inland transportation in Arabia for Hajj and ships were used for waterways. But in the modern times, airplanes became the most favorable form of conveyance. As of now, almost every pilgrim travels through airplanes.

But, there are still few who choose the different path, unique & adventurous. Yeah, Some chose to pedal all the way from London, and some walked from Indonesia. We took out sometime, and did a research on these unique people and their stories. One such story is of Kenyan cyclists who cycled 3372 km to perform Hajj.

A group of 4 cyclists from Kenya started their Hajj journey on 10 June and crossed four countries, 3500 km of distance in 45 days before reaching Makkah two days ago.

They crossed Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and reached Saudi Arabia. They took a ferry in between journey from Port of Suakin to Jeddah crossing Red Sea and resumed their journey to Makkah.

The aim of the cyclists is to raise $2,50,000 in charity throughout the way. They are doing charity for the constructions of Al Furqan Tower, a commercial tower whose revenue will be donated to needy child at Al Furqan Institute.

The team includes Mohammed Zahir, the team leader, Osman Idrissa Dinda, Mohammed Salim and Anwar Mansur. The team members are professional cyclists and did a warm up tour to Tanzania before beginning the actual trip to Hajj.

The team also kept a support team with them including a doctor and mechanic who escorted them throughout the journey in two landcruisers.

Interestingly, the pedal to Hajj team are peddling for the first time for Hajj. They had no early experience for such a long trip. Yet, they took this journey in the name of Allah.

The cyclists completed the journey two days ago when they reached Makkah. They not only completed their exhausting but blessed journey but are also inspiring millions of Muslims to think differently and to be courageous.


The journey was not easy at all for them, they had to travel through disturbed Sudan and unstable Ethiopia. Moreover the forests of Africa was terrible for them and at last the scorching heat of the desert. These obstacles didn’t halted them at all because they had Allah with them and their strong desire for Hajj.

However, they are not unique in their journey because similar trips are taken by many Muslims. But, their determination and choice made them enter the small club of adventurous and unique Muslims who chose and walked on unchartered terrain and tough path just to seek the blessings of Almighty.


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