Newport Islamic Society cook meals for Australian firefighters battling the blaze

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It is not the first time that Muslims came out in large numbers to help. In the past, Palestinian Muslims having conflicts with Israel, a wildfire was blowing across the city. Rather celebrating this by taking them a worse enemy, they came out to help. They took out whatever they had to help Israel get away from that fire.

Muslims always show courteous because they were thought to do that. Islam is the religion of happiness, care and affection. In Australia, worst ever fire had destroyed the half of their animals, their habitat and results in a tremendous increase in temperature. Every summer, the incidents happen but this time it was too much that firefighters felt exhausted and they are feeling helpless.

Recently a group of 50 people joined together and they prayed for rain. After sometime, it’s started raining which amaze the whole Australian community and they were astonished.

On the other hand, A Muslim group have travelled to a fire-ravaged town to offer support to those who have been affected by the devastating blazes. Members of the Newport Islamic Society cooked meals for exhausted firefighters at the Johnsonville Volunteer Fire Brigade over the weekend. The brave firemen have been working tirelessly to contain blazes that have been raging in East Gippsland for the past week.

‘It was very emotional to see how tired and drained they were. They were just exhausted, it felt really good to at least give them a feed and prey for them and show we are thinking about them.’ volunteer Lookman El Kurdi told Daily Mail Australia.
Mr El Kurdi saids the group felt compelled to help after seeing what was happening around the country.
‘We were seeing all these bushfires that were happening around Australia and felt we needed to do something. We put the call out and within 48 hours we had collected so many items.’
Hundreds of homes have been destroyed as a result of the bushfires across East Gippsland. Many communities have been displaced as a result of the devastating infernos. Fire fighters have been working around the clock to save what they can, with more than 766,000 hectares of land being burnout in the area. However, some reprieve was promised with 10 millimeters expected in the area on Monday. But communities would be back in the firing line later in the week when blazes threaten to flare up.
It is has destroyed Northern territories, Tasmania, Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. People are forced to evacuate because there is a possibility of spreading of fire.
One of the Australian Erin McNaught said:

“We are hearing about the devastating loss of human lives. Our hearts break for these people and their loves ones. Over half a billion of our native animals dead. Half a billion, countless more domestic, livestock animals have died too”. Erin went on to reveal the impact the bushfire crisis will have on our economy.

Our country will suffer even further through skyrocketing food and vegetable prices, a shortage of primary resources and flailing exports,’ she wrote.

‘The timber, dairy and meat industries have been decimated. Hundreds of millions of tourism dollars lost. Over 1,300 families are now without homes. How many more will now be without jobs??’

Erin concluded by urging her followers to donate money, food and other supplies, listing the Australian Red Cross, Wires Wildlife Rescue, The Salvation Army Australia and the New South Wales Rural Fire Service.

Let’s pray for the departed soul and hope everything settles down easily.


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