A 102 Years Old Thai Muslim Woman Is The Oldest Hajj Pilgrim This Year

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Age is just a number when you have strong desire for something. And when it is to visit the House Of Allah, everything becomes easy and comfortable. This has been proved by a Thai Muslim lady who’s going to complete her Hajj this year at the age of 102. Read her story below.


Mrs. Noh Lanai, 102 years old is the oldest Hajj pilgrim of this year as reported by Pattaya Mail two days ago. MashaAllah, She has arrived Makkah to perform the rituals of Hajj with her son and family.


She hails from Thepa District, Songkla, Thailand. In an interview, she said that she had intended to do the Hajj pilgrimage for several years but always missed the opportunity. But this year she has got the chance to do Hajj and complete one of the major duty assigned on every able Muslim by Allah. In her own words, “Today, I have the chance to complete a Muslim duty by performing the Hajj pilgrimage in the holy land of Islam.”


Noh did a lot of preparations before beginning the journey. She did attend a Hajj panel discussion before leaving for Makkah. She also trained her body to stay fit and active during Hajj by doing daily exercise. But, due to her extreme old age she has been advised by medical experts to use a wheelchair so that she can save her energy for the Hajj ceremonies which involves a lot of physical action.

She has traveled with her son from Medina to Mecca to join millions of other Muslims in performing Hajj. Mrs Lanai is not only excited for her Hajj but also prays for other Muslims who are not able yet to perform Hajj. She said “Now, my mind and body are ready for the pilgrimage. I wish for those, who haven’t yet had the chance to go on the Hajj pilgrimage, to keep praying so that one day they can fulfill their wish to be here.”

Mrs Lanai’s story is going viral over the internet, people are loving her and also praying for her well being. She is a true inspiration for other Muslims who haven’t got the golden opportunity of Hajj yet.

Despite her old age and weak body she is enough determined to complete all the rituals of Hajj. We should be patient like her and should pray Allah to grant our wish too.

We at MvslimFeed also prays for her long life and ask Allah to bless her and accept her Hajj. Aameen


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