An Inspiring Ramadan Story… compassion by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

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The month of Ramadan brings amazing stories. We came across this wonderful story of compassion by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and we are compelled to share it with you all.

The story is from the days of Prophet Muhammad’s Ramadan Eid celebration. The day was filled with festivities on the streets of Madina. Everyone was dressed and were enthusiastic about the special day of Ramadan Eid.

The early morning Ramadan Eid prayers were led by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and performed on the outskirts of the Madina city. Everyone greeted each other after the prayers and walked back home. There were children playing, laughing and smiling; like there is no care in the world.

While Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was walking back home, he came across a little boy named Zuhair Bin Saghir, who was sitting on the footpath all by himself. He was crying and looked gloomy. Prophet patted him on the shoulder and asked, “Why are you crying child?” “Please leave me alone” responded the child. The boy didn’t realise that he was talking to Prophet Muhammad. He didn’t even look up. Prophet ran his fingers through the boy’s hair and very lovingly asked again that why was he crying on such auspicious day. The boy finally spoke, “After my father’s death, my mother remarried and my stepfather hates me and wants me to be out of the house. Today is Ramadan Eid, look how everyone is happy. All my friends are wearing new clothes and have delicious things to eat, and here I am, I don’t have clothes except the one I am wearing. I have no place to go and no food to eat.”

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) comforted him and said, “I exactly know how you feel, I lost my parents when I was a little boy.” The boy was taken aback as he came to know that an orphan was comforting him. When he looked up he was astonished to see Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He stood on his feet immediately and paid Him respect.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) smiled and said, “What if I become your new father and my wife your new mother and my daughter your new sister, will that make you happy?” “Oh! Yes! That will be the most ideal thing in the world!” The boy smiled and wiped his tears. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) took him to His house and provided him with new clothes, delicious food on this auspicious day of Ramadan Eid.

Moral: We should always think of others who are less fortunate than us. We should not only inculcate this on Ramadhan Eid but also otherwise. Always take a moment and think of those less fortunate people and follow Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) Sunnah.

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