Applicants for Non-Hajj Visa To Sign Undertaking

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In their latest move to curtail the activities of Hajj gate crashers, Saudi authorities have reportedly originated a binding undertaking for non-Hajj visa applicants.

Violations of the undertaking which debars non-Hajj visa holders from performing the pilgrimage will attract consequences.

In previous bids there was no such legal document which, as it were, constitutes a legal undertaking which enables violations to be sanctioned easily.

DAILY GUIDE sources have been informed that samples of the undertaking are already out, a clear indication that visa abusers will no longer be able to have a leeway as they used to have in previous times.

All those seeking to obtain the various categories of Saudi visa other than the Hajj entry permit will sign the undertaking.

The undertaking, an advanced IT enhanced arrangement steeped in biometrics, will facilitate the smoking out of visa abusers and the appropriate sanctions meted out. Applicants will have their fingerprints taken, including iris data captured as part of the application procedure, innovations which would stem the tide of visa abuse.

Some Ghanaian Muslims are noted for obtaining non-Hajj visas yet gate crash the Ghana Hajj Board camp to perform the pilgrimage.

By so doing they breach Saudi laws and enjoy facilities such as food, shelter and medical care earmarked for Ghana Hajj Board pilgrims.

The undertaking includes such demands as empowering the appropriate Saudi authorities to have the right to deny entry and to repatriate persons suspected to have abused their visa, to their countries of origin.

Performing the Hajj without permission as per the undertaking will expose culprits to legal accountability, DAILY GUIDE has learnt.

In a related development, activities at the Hajj Village are gathering momentum as Hajj agents engage with officials, a feature of the season.

Barring unforeseen alterations, Hajj visa issuance are expected to commence between April 20 and May 20.

The first flight from Tamale to Madina in Saudi Arabia could be around May 30, 2024, Accra’s being possibly June 8, 2024 barring unforeseen circumstances.

Source: dailyguide

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