Emergency Management System’ to be formed for Hajj pilgrims

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 The ‘Emergency Management System’ will be supervised by Director General Hajj.
in Pakistan, an ‘Emergency Management System’ will be formed for the pilgrims going for Hajj in the current year, under which they will be provided with numerous facilities, meanwhile; the ‘Hajjaj Muhafiz Scheme’ will also continue.
The ‘Emergency Management System’ will be supervised by Director General Hajj and will be comprised of members of Ministry of Religious Affairs including the secretary. The members are preparing a framework for the timely assistance of the pilgrims.
All the pilgrims will undergo an express clearance process at Madina and Jeddah airports and will not have to wait for prolonged hours. Alongwith the governemnt’s scheme, private Hajj tour operators’ performance will be monitored strictly. In case of any complaint, the relevant operator will be fined heavily and blacklisted.
Other services include modern buses to transport pilgrims from the airport to their residences, provision of 100 per cent accommodation in markazia in Madina will be ensured, provision of cooked meals three times a day in Mashair (Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifah), provision of filtered water and effective cooling systems in each maktab in Mina, provision of fireproof tents at Arafat, separate washrooms for the disabled in Mina, Muzdalifah and Arafat.
On the other hand, under the ‘Hujjaj Muhafiz Scheme’ Rs5 lac will be given to the relatives of a person who either die a natural death or in accident, Rs1.5 lac over losing one of the limb in the mishap whereas Rs2.5 lac for permanent disability.

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