Hajj 2022: Alkauthar pilgrims receiving high quality services in Saudi Arabia

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Pilgrims who travelled for this year’s Hajj through the award winning Abuja based Alkauthar Travels and Tours are currently receiving high quality services in Saudi Arabia.

The pilgrims who variously arrived for Hajj through Madinah were all accommodated at the prestigious Madinah Hilton Hotel, right in front of the prophets Mosques.

Madinah Hotel offered its best hospitality in terms of internet and buffet services and the like.


While most pilgrims travelled to Makkah by Bus after their stay in Madinah, Alkauthar provided train tickets for all pilgrims who travelled to the Holy city on the Haramain Speed train.

Incidentally, some of Alkauthar’s pilgrims were delayed by traffic on the way to the train station, however, the operators of Haramain acceded to the request of the Chief Executive Officer of Alkauthar, Hajiya Rabiat Umar to wait a little for all her pilgrims to be onboard.

Indeed, a Saudi national informed our reporter that this was probably the first time such is happening.
“I have been using this train regularly since they began operation, this is the first time it is taken off a little behind schedule,” he said.

On arrival at Makkah, all the pilgrims were housed in the five star hotels within the vicinity of the Holy Kaaba. These hotels include Darul Tawhid Intercontinental, Fairmont Hotel, Swissotel as well as Makarem Ajyad.

On Arafat day, the pilgrims were transported to the plains of Arafat in high quality VIP buses and taken to tents reserved for VIPs.

A regular traveller who prefers anonymity told Hajj Reporters that “ I have been coming for Hajj and Umrah for quiet some time, but I must admit that this is by far the best service I have received. This woman is doing the work of five able bodied men and you hardly see any sign of tiredness from her, I am therefore, not surprised we are receiving this type of treatment”.

A first time Hajj pilgrim, Akeem Lawal also said “it is Allah that said I will enjoy my first Hajj this way. I actually paid through a different agent, but because of the challenge of Hajj this year, they transferred me to Hajiya.

It has indeed been challenging especially with communication. Nobody is perfect but so far, I can rate them 9/10,” he said.


He said he particularly loved his stay in Madinah “ with two people in a room and Food always being available”.

On his part, Alhaji Ibrahim Bashir, another regular pilgrim chose to volunteer his services to Alkauthar for free.

Asked about his experience so far and why he chose to offer hos services to Alkauthar for free, Alhaji Bashir said “ the experience this year has been wonderful and priceless. It has been been a long Journey but Alhamdulillah, we pulled through in an excellent way.

The hardship I witnessed started from Nigeria, the visa process by Hajj commission, the arrivals to Mina and so many other things. Indeed our agent really did give us the best and I hope for more improvements .



“Hajj as they always say comes with different challenges every year , so everytime I am honored to Help to make sure everyone Is well taken care of.
Alkauthar is Family I can say now , All my Hajj experience has always been with them. I am ready to Help anytime, and the little we all help the better for all of us. I will never forget the train stop in Madinah, Oh Hajiya Rabia 💯. Nobody does it better for me . Worth every penny”.

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