Hajj 2022: Pilgrim’s accommodation will be under strict surveillance for safety – Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia’s Public Prosecution has confirmed that Hajj pilgrims’ accommodation in the holy cities is subjected to the highest standards of safety and security.


The pilgrims’ accommodation is also distinguished by strict surveillance against any risks or harmful practices.

The Public Prosecution affirmed that the authorities have taken strict measures to prevent defrauding or deception on safety standards in several areas, including:

1 – Defrauding of fire protection requirements in facilities.

2 – Defrauding on the part of engineering offices in safety plans.

3 – Deception or negligence in maintaining safety means, as stipulated in the technical or organizational regulations in this regard.

4 – It is prohibited to import, sell or install safety systems, equipment and means that do not comply with technical regulations or the standards approved internationally or in the Kingdom.

5 – It is prohibited to restart a facility in full or part after it was suspended due to any hazardous violation without rectifying the issue.

Anyone who commits a violation by doing any acts prohibited by the authorities will be punished with imprisonment for up to 6 months and a fine of up to SR30,000.


Saudi Gazette

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