Hajj 2022: Service Provider urges NAHCON to rein in illegal cargo handlers

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The chairman of Cargo Zeal services, Abdulaziz Afolabi has called on the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON), to help stop illegal cargo handlers operating at the various Nigerian pilgrims’ accommodation in Saudi Arabia.


Cargo Zeal is one of the registered excess cargo handlers for Nigerian pilgrims.


In an interview with HAJJ REPORTERS on Tuesday in Makkah, Alhaji Abdulaziz said that despite paying huge sums of money and going through several screening processes as well as paying N20 million as bank guarantee, illegal operators found ways to take away business from them.


“We did everything to meet the requirements by the commission and committed lots of resources, yet, you see these people being allowed to operate illegally. We have to pay for license, pay for form and also pay N20 million as bank guarantee to secure these luggages, while illegal operators will just snatch the business away from us. Honestly speaking we are losing so much money,” he said


“The commission needs to do something about it. I know we can’t stop Saudi Post for instance, but they don’t have the right to come to Nigerian pilgrims accommodations, they should stay in their offices and allow people to go to them if they need their services,” he said.


The Carzo Zeal chairman also said lots of Nigerians based in Saudi Arabia are equally engaged in providing cargo services to pilgrims illegally.


He advised pilgrims to be wary of such persons saying “ we for instance have bank guarantees against lost of cargoes, but these people don’t, if any pilgrim loses their cargo after engaging the services of illegal operators, they will not know what to do or where to start from “.


He therefore, called on NAHCON to strengthen its inspection capabilities and stop the continuation of the illegal operators.


“Actually when we complained to NAHCON, sometimes they respond but the response is slow, NAHCON is duty bound to protect us. They should direct Executive Secretaries of every state pilgrims boards not to allow and or report any illegal operators to them or to arrest them”.


Alhaji Aziz also cautioned pilgrims against putting illegal items into their cargoes.


He said pilgrims should desist from putting liquids in their cargoes because it may lead to their cargoes being opened in their absence which may lead to loses or damages.


He however, called on NAHCON to find a way to allow pilgrims ferry ZamZam water back home.


“You know ZamZam is very precious to us as Muslims and is one of the best products that one can take home, so, the commission should find a way to let people take ZamZam back to their loved ones at home,” he said



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