Hajj 2024: 11,000 New residential Towers for pilgrims set to open in Mina

by admin

The authorities have launched new buildings for the accommodation of domestic pilgrims in the Mina Valley.

The Saudi newspaper has revealed the launching of new buildings in Mina to accommodate the increasing number of pilgrims during the current Hajj pilgrimage season.

Mina is an important valley located towards the East of Makkah, the holiest city in Islam. The valley of Mina is often referred to as the City of Tents because of the numerous tents that are laid for pilgrims during the Hajj season. During the pilgrimage, Muslims perform Rami or stoning the devil which is one of the essential Hajj rituals.

As per reports received from Okaz, these new buildings are located at a distance of 1 kilometer from the multi-level Jamarat Structure where the Rami is performed. Reports also indicate that a new Hajj plan related to the new buildings will also be launched in the Hajj season 2024 by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj.

This place or Hajj package will successfully provide 11,000 places for the pilgrims.

The buildings in Mina have been designed lavishly where the rooms can accommodate approximately 25 to 30 pilgrims. There are a total of five floors in each building. Each building has 4 elevators, of which 3 elevators are for pilgrims and 1 is for services.


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