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Check your intention before carrying out any task.

Engage in Zikr (the remembrance of Allah), even when carrying out simple tasks such as purchasing food.

When entering or leaving the Masjid, pass on 2 glasses (1 in each hand for convenience) of Zam Zam to elderly folk nearby or anybody else who may ask for it.

Remove litter and unpleasant items from the pathways, especially at the mubarak Masjids and the neighbouring areas.

Remember to greet other fellow Muslimahs with full salaam and a cheerful smile.

.Show kindness and motivate other Muslimahs who may be experiencing hardships or simply missing home. Try to ease her plight and gain the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala Insha Allah.

Purchase musallahs, tasbeehs or even simply miswaak bundles and distribute to other fellow Muslimahs. Remember that their duas may grant you an accepted Umrah or Haj.

Guard yourself and your nafs. Do not take part in Zina. Allah Ta’ala’s curse is on whoever looks and whoever is looked at. Watch your temper and think before you speak. Guard your Ibadat, as the miserable Shaytaan is waiting to ruin us all. Insha Allah, Allah Ta’ala will protect us. Ameen.

Purchase Quran’s in the mubarak cities and add these to the shelves at the masjids in Makkahtul Mukarramah and Madinatul Munawwarah.

Bottled water is another simple, yet effective way of passing on charity. No act is too small, even in sharing a (kajoor) date will earn you reward, Insha Allah.

Make Niyyah when entering the masjid for Allah Ta’ala to please accept your time in the masjid as I’tikaaf and enter with the right foot.

Upon donning the Hijab, make Niyyah to Allah Ta’ala to please grant you the thawab of jihad in the path of Islam, to make you an ambassador for Islam, to use you for Dawah of Islam and to protect you from the gazes of strange men.

Sponsor a hafez in Madinatul Munawwarah and Makkah tul Mukarramah

Ask your guide on how to go about slaughtering an animal with the intention to feed the people, for your thawab or on behalf of somebody else.

15.Donate pens, notebooks and printed books to the Masjidun Nabawi Library. There is an English reading section in Maktabun Nisaa (Ladies Library at Door 24 Uthmaan bin Affan Gate). Let’s help build that area of the library my dear sisters.

16. Give Sadaqah to the custodians/attendees of the masjid. Ideas may include that of Leather socks or simply cash.

17. Adopt a Sunnat in the mubarak lands such as using a miswaak and make niyyat to continue the Sunnat even after returning home.

18. Read a book at the Maktabun Nisaa and bring back that knowledge to our people. This may be 1 ayat that you have learnt or an understanding that you have reached.

19. Make dua for all those who have asked you to, if possible. An idea would be to keep all these duas as well as your own, in a notebook and repeat the requested duas for those who are absent.

20. Be aware of distractions in these Mubarak cities. KEEP AWAY from all Haraam activities such as watching TV and be careful not to get caught up in time wasting activities.

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