Hajj 2024: First flight of Indonesian pilgrims depart for Saudi Arabia May 12

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The ministry’s Director General of Hajj and Umrah Organizations, Hilman Latief, said in a statement from his office on Friday that Indonesian pilgrims will depart in two batches from 14 embarkations.

This year, Indonesia received a quota of 221,000 Hajj pilgrims and an additional quota of 20,000, bringing the total to 241,000.

The total quota is broken down into 213,320 for regular pilgrims and 27,680 for special pilgrims. They are scheduled to start entering the Hajj dormitory on May 11.

“The first batch of Indonesian Hajj pilgrims will depart for the Amir Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz International Airport (AMAA) in Medina on May 12–23, 2024,” the statement said.

The second batch will depart for the King Abdulaziz International Airport (KAAIA) in Jeddah from May 24 to June 10.

Indonesian pilgrims are scheduled to depart from Mecca to Arafah to perform wukuf on June 15.

After the entire series of Hajj is completed, the first batch will return to Indonesia from Jeddah on June 22–July 3, and the second batch is scheduled to leave Medina on July 4–21. Their return is scheduled to be completed on July 22.

Source: Antaranews

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