Hajj 2024: Indonesia Hajj officials will spend 70 days in Saudi Arabia, to review remunerations

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Director of Haji Arsad Hidayat at the Evaluation of the Performance and Tasks of PPIH Saudi Arabia (ANTARA/HO-Kemenag)

The Indonesia Directorate General (Ditjen) of Hajj and Umrah (PHU) of the Ministry of Religion (Kemenag) is reviewing the remuneration system of Hajj officers as well as the departure scheme for Hajj officers 1445 Hijri/2024 Maseh. “We will reform our assignments, including the recount of the duties of the Hajj officers,” said Director of Hajj Development Arsad Hidayat in a written statement in Jakarta, quoted from Antara, Thursday, August 31.

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So far, said Arsad, the Hajj officers’ tenure has been adjusted to the placement. The congregation who served in the Mecca Working Area (Ikher) had a tenure of around 60 days. Meanwhile, airport Daker and Medina officers have a tenure of around 72 days. “In the future, the service period will be adjusted to the load and performance targets. Officers who only have 50 days, the assignment period will also be adjusted to 50 days,” said Arsad.


The adjustment of the time of duty will have an impact on adjusting the departure schedule. In the future, he continued, the departure of officers was not carried out simultaneously.


He opened the possibility of preparing special officers for the peak phase of Hajj in Arafah, Muzdalifah, and Mina. “They will be dispatched lastly, so that during the peak of the hajj, they will not tired,” said Arsad.



With such a departure pattern, Arsad emphasized that there will be special officers prepared for handling services in Arafah, Muzdalifah, and Mina. In addition to the departure period, he continued, the Ministry of Religion is also analyzing the workload of Hajj officers. This is formulated in order to increase their remuneration to match the workload.


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