Hajj 2024: Lotus Bank donates Umbrellas, Handbags to Kano State Pilgrims

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Press Release

The Director General of the Kano State Pilgrims Welfare Board, Alhaji Lamin Rabi’u Danbappa, expressed his appreciation for the assistance provided by Lotus Bank during this year’s Hajj exercises.

Alhaji Lamin Rabi’u Danbappa mentioned that the bank supplied over 2,500 umbrellas, water jugs, and handbags for the benefit of the pilgrims from the state.

In his speech, the Branch Manager of Lotus Bank, Hotoro Branch, Alhaji Adam Abal-Bashar Ahmed, stated that they were at the Pilgrims Welfare Board to present these items to the pilgrims.

Alhaji Adam Abulbashar Ahmed urged the pilgrims to make good use of these items to achieve the intended purpose. He also expressed his wish for the pilgrims to remember Lotus Bank in their prayers during Hajj.

The Director General was accompanied by Board members and the Director of Planning, Research, and Statistics.


Sulaiman A. Dederi 

Public Relations Officer 

Kano State Pilgrims Welfare Board

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