Iranian pilgrims hail excellent services in exceptional Hajj

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MAKKAH — Two Iranian pilgrims described this year’s Hajj as exceptional in terms of the utmost care and excellent services extended to the guests of God.

They lauded the Saudi government’s extra care and extraordinary services to the pilgrims and attributed the success to the Kingdom’s vast experiences accumulated through accomplishments made in the previous Hajj seasons, saying that this made the Kingdom a focus of attention and appreciation from the entire world.

The Iranian pilgrim, Muhammad Jamal, said that the Saudi government mobilized its facilities and services for the smooth conduct of the annual pilgrimage despite the difficult global coronavirus pandemic situation. The Kingdom deserves all accolades for its great efforts to organize the pilgrimage in a smooth and orderly manner, he said.

“This confirms the Kingdom’s accumulated experience in the field of organizing Hajj as there had been no reason for fear about the pandemic among the pilgrims, thanks to the utmost keenness and care of the government agencies, headed by the Ministry of Health, with adopting precautionary and preventive measures in a highly professional way. This facilitated the movement of pilgrims between the holy sites performing the rituals of standing at Arafat and overnight stay in Muzdalifah, and returning to Mina in a very smooth and orderly way,” he said.

On his part, Abdullah Ayer, another Iranian pilgrim, said that he was amazed by the scene that he witnessed within the Grand Mosque in Makkah while performing Tawaf Al-Ifadah. “Despite a large number of pilgrims at mataf (circumambulating area around the Holy Kaaba), each and every one of them performed the ritual while maintaining physical distance and complying with all the protocols,” he said while emphasizing that this year’s Hajj was extremely exceptional and distinguished for all its services.
Okaz/Saudi Gazette

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