“Love” … the official language of interaction between Pilgrims and security men during Hajj

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The flames of the blazing sunlight, temperatures of 40, the crowd of pilgrims sometimes reaching their climax, long hours of work, far from family and friends, all of which did not prevent the security men in the Jerusalem feelings from serving guests, but rather they were an incentive for them whenever the heat of the heat, they do not wait until She asks them for help, initiators of their nature, relieve their fatigue, and the heat of the atmosphere turns into cool breezes, embracing their pure souls, when they see the satisfaction in the eyes of the pilgrims after their service.

The relationship of the Saudi security men with the guests of Rahman is a love that you feel is sensitive to what is in the souls, to be carried out before it is requested. It was not strange to us when we wandered into feelings. Meters from the small anthrax, we saw one of the security men heading towards the water taps, exhausted by thirst, seeking to replenish his energy with a sip of water, keeping him ready to serve any pilgrim.

The security man stood waiting for a gathering of pilgrims to drink, but they made room for him, he refused to take their turn, so they insisted on him, they grabbed the tap for him, and they stood in line to expel thirst for him, and after the security man was satisfied, they showered him with sincere love invitations.

We approached them to ask them about the motive of their work, the answer was not difficult, they did not even think about it, they agreed that it is a simple thing to return the beauty of the security men with them, they assured us that the flow of humanity flowing from the security men towards them made them love them and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a lot

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