Nigerians commend Hajj Reporters for comprehensive coverage of 2023 Hajj

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Hajj Reporters, a Hajj and Umrah based Media establishments that covers Hajj and Umrah activities has received goodwill from Nigerians for effective coverage of the just concluded 2023 Hajj.


For about a decade, HR had frequently kept Nigerians updated from the beginning up to the end of Hajj operation, making the platform to become a stakeholder in Hajj and Umrah activities.


This time around, HR received the encomium after it posted an appreciation message on Facebook, which reads “As Hajj 2023 come a close, Hajj Reporters appreciates your support and prayers. May Almighty Allah count us among next year’s pilgrims. Ameen.”


The post was followed by goodwill messages in the comment sections by the followers.


A Facebook user, Usman Mohammed commented with ” Ameen thumma Ameen. Jazakumullahu khairan for keeping us informed from the beginning up to the end of exercise.”


Another user, Adam Abdullahi Alalory wrote; “Ameen. Thank you for the prompt response and timely updates of hajj activities. We appreciate you as well. May Allah bless you and reward you abundantly. Ameen”


Mohammed Onawa Haruna comment ‘Ameen “Really appreciate your sequence of reportage characterized by objectivity, balance and fairness. Kudos!!! May Allah spare our lives to be part of next years pilgrimage either as readers of activities or pilgrims that will perform the activities. Ma’asalam!!


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Auwal Amiru wrote; “I really appreciate your work; it really helped me during my Hajj this year for the latest update and some vital information regarding the Hajj. God bless you.”


Abdul-Jeleel Jhide wrote “Alhamdulillah for IHR, as an agent I had some issue at Makkah but with the help of IHR it was easily resolved and appreciate our NAHCON chairman who personally took up the matter. You guys are the best. Jazakallah khairan IHR, Jazakallah khairan NAHCON chairman. May Almighty Allah make us to witness more successful Hajj operations”


Yahaya Abubakar wrote “I really appreciate Hajj Reporters, they have help our Contingent when we had Problems in Arfat. We really appreciate you. Pls keep the good work and to the Authorities I hope and pray they learn from this year’s mistakes and improve. One thing is glaringly Clear there is no Synergy between NAHCON And Some STATE PILGRIM WELFARE BOARDS. SYNERGY between them is Important for Smooth running of Hajj. All in All, thank you all.”


Basheer Lawal wrote “Maa shaa ALLah. AlhamduLiLLah Rabil al for the success of this year’s hajj operations. May ALLah SWT reward the entire family of IHR under the leadership of brother Muhammad Ibrahim. May ALLah SWT count us among the hujjaj of 2024. Jazaaakumu LLahu Khayran.


Ibraheem Bagudu said ‘U do a wonderful job Almighty Allah bless you will up lift u beyond ur imagination ameen thuma Ameen ya Allah jazakallah khaira


Aminat Braimah commented “It has really been an amazing experience being with you guys. May Allah reward your efforts abundantly. Jazakallahu khair kasira”


Yusuf Izala wrote “Ameen you have done a very wonderful job, in giving us the vital information about our intending pilgrims especially in Nigeria, the takeoff and landing of our pilgrims all over the Nation. May Allah count us among next year’s Pilgrims.


Fatiah Busari Adewale wrote “Aameen Kudos to you for prompt response

May Almighty Allah bless me be part of 1445 Hujjajah@


Zakariyah Mustapha wrote; “Amen, thanks so much for the information, and for carrying us along may Allah reward you here in the grave and hereafter,” among other messages.


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