Over 327 million meals and bottles of water distributed among pilgrims

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Pilgrims receive packages of ready meals and water bottles. — SPA


MINA — More than 327 million ready meals and bottles of water have been distributed among the pilgrims over eight days since they started arriving in Makkah, Madinah and the holy sites for the Haj.

Since the first day of Dhul Hijja (Aug. 2) until Dhul Hijja 8 (Aug. 9) the day of Tarwiyyah (watering) in Mina, the Ministry of Commerce and Investment has been supervising the supplies which consisted of 225 million bottles of water, 67 million pieces of bread and pastries, 28 million containers of soft drinks, juices and milk, 5.5 million ready meals and 1.8 million ice slabs.


The ministry’s employees have been supervising the entry of the supplies on large trucks loaded with foodstuffs. They have been also supervising the movement of the food trucks inside the holy sites.

The supervisors have been conducting daily tours on the shops and bakeries around the clock to make sure that there are enough supplies.

They have been checking the shops and mobile trucks to ensure the validity and good quality of the supplies. They are also controlling the prices to prevent any violations.


Saudi Gazette report

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