Pakistan Govt Announces Another Refund for the Hajj Pilgrims

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The government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has announced a different kind of initiative, as it is to make a second refund to the pilgrims who performed Hajj under the government scheme recently.

According to the details, the government has taken the decision of distributing Rs.800 million, saved from the Hajj expenses, among 53,000 Hajj pilgrims.

The refund would be made from the savings on train fares and accommodation, as per the officials of the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

This is an important development as no ex-government even made a single refund in the past.

In its first refund policy, the ministry had returned Rs.5 billion to the pilgrims, with each one getting up to Rs.58,000.

The refunds were made owing to the cheap residential buildings and savings on transportation and other expenditures in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The step would be a high confidence booster for the government as it had been under severe criticism for withdrawing the subsidiary charges on the Hajj expenses.

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