Pakistan to punish Police Officers who perform Hajj Multiple Times on Government Fund

by admin


Islamabad police on Friday announced to take action against officers performing repeated ‘Hajj’ on government money taking up spots of other deserving people, ARY News reported. 


According to orders issued by the Inspector General Islamabad police Dr Akbar Nasir Khan, action will be taken against officers who perform multiple Hajjs on government money.


The department has prepared a list of such officers who have performed repeated Hajjs on government allowances. At least 20 officers have been named in the list at the initial stages of inquiry, police sources said.


The list includes one Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) who performed 8 pilgrimages to Makkah at government expense, and a sub-inspector performing 5 hajj. The close staff of officers from administration offices are also on the list.


The IG said that action would be taken against such officers as soon as the inquiry completes.


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