Rights, Benefits and Conditions Of  Permanent Residence Permit In Saudi Arabia

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The Permanent Premium Residency costs SR800,000 ($213,000) paid once, while the Premium Residency costs SR100,000 annually.

Rights and privileges:

  • Residence in the Kingidom with one’s family.
  • Visit visas for relatives.
  • Recruitment of domestic workers from abroad.
  • Ownership of real estate for residential, commercial and industrial purposes, in areas other than the cities of Makkah and Madinah and border areas.
  • Usufruct rights on real estate in Makkah and Madinah for a period not exceeding 99 years.
  • Ownership of private means of transportation and other movables.
  • Working at private establishments with the ability to change jobs; this shall extend to family members. Professions and jobs limited to Saudis shall be excluded.
  • Exiting and entering the Kingdom at one’s own accord.
  • Use of lanes designated for Saudis at the Kingdom’s exit and entry points.
  • Engagement in business activities in accordance with the Foreign Investment Law.


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