Saudi Arabia’s exceptional efforts for an unprecedented Hajj

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The unprecedented measures put in place by the government have been met with overwhelming support from the Arab and Islamic world

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Jeddah: Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Kingdom has taken some exceptional measures to create a safe and meaningful Hajj experience for the pilgrims. The unprecedented measures put in place by the government have been met with overwhelming support from the Arab and Islamic world, as well as the World Health Organization (WHO), which has supported Saudi Arabia’s decision to conduct this year’s Hajj with a limited number of pilgrims (1,000 instead of the usual 2 million) due to the seriousness of the disease outbreak.

W7Worldwide Marketing Communications Consultancy Agency has been closely monitoring the exceptional Saudi arrangements for Hajj in the midst of a global pandemic. To help raise awareness about the Kingdom’s extensive efforts, we created a documentary-style short video, featuring public information and the various measures introduced by relevant government authorities, including the ministries of interior, health, and Hajj and Umrah, and the General Authority of Civil Aviation. The objective is to demonstrate the vast manpower and special measures deployed to ensure the safety of the guests of Allah participating in this year’s Hajj. The video was produced by the agency to highlight how Saudi Arabia is spectacularly rising to the tremendous challenge of managing all dimensions of the annual pilgrimage, particularly public health and safety. (Click here to watch)

The W7Worldwide video also seeks to support the Saudi government’s decision to organize Hajj 2020 under a set of strict health safety protocols and preventive measures with the goal of protecting the pilgrims and officials involved. This decision demonstrates the Kingdom’s wise leadership and vision. A careful selection process was put in place for choosing 1,000 pilgrims (70% non-Saudi residents and 30% Saudi residents), with the pilgrims’ health status being the main criteria for selection. (Please check the video here)

The video focuses on the protective measures taken by the Saudi Ministry of Health for the Hajj season 1441 AH, which addresses both individual and group health trends through an integrated system of services and plans to preserve the health of the guests of Allah. These measures include home isolation for the pilgrims, institutional isolation for them while in Makkah Al-Mukarramah and the introduction of innovative digital solutions, such as the use of smart bracelets.

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