Saudi Ministry of Hajj Introduces UV Umbrellas For Hajj 2024

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The new umbrella design offers now a Storage Pocket, UV Protection, and Hands-Free prostration for Hajj pilgrims.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah of Saudi Arabia has introduced special umbrellas that offer UV protection for pilgrims, a unique design that allows ease of praying.

To enhance the comfort of the pilgrims, these UV-protected Umbrellas will help pilgrims have a more secure hajj.

  • UV Protection: The umbrellas are designed to provide a shield to the pilgrims from harmful sun rays, offering critical UV protection during the long hours of sun exposure.
  • Storage Pocket: Each umbrella contains a pocket that allows pilgrims to carry daily life essentials like a water bottle or a prayer mat, making it easy for pilgrims to pray and stay hydrated.
  • Hands-Free Prostration: One of the most interesting features of these umbrellas is their’ unique design allowing pilgrims to prostrate while wearing them. Ensuring that pilgrims can perform prayer without having to remove it, provides both convenience and comfort.
  • Source: Islamicinfo

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