Saudi provides 6 interactive maps to guide pilgrims in holy sites

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The General Directorate of Traffic (Muroor) announced that it has provided 6 interactive maps to help pilgrims to know the routes and directions during performing Hajj rituals.



The Muroor indicated that the 6 interactive maps are:

1 – Makkah and the Holy Sites map.

2 – Makkah Map.

3 – The Grand Mosque and its surrounding area map.

4 – Mina map.

5 – Muzdalifah map.

6 – Arafat map.

The six maps are distinguished by the fact that they include detailed information about the traffic movement.



This is in addition to the fact that they also include instructions for transporting the pilgrims by buses or private cars, as well as the data that will be issued by the General Security in their regard.



The map file also contains several features and instructions that help pilgrims understand how to use the functions available in the interactive maps, such as searching, printing, and navigating the map.



Part of the maps also contains a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ), the Muroor noted.



The Muroor said that providing interactive maps comes within the integrated traffic plan, through which it contributes to completing this year’s Hajj with ease.



Pilgrims can view the 6 interactive maps through the link, or by downloading the application:


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