“They treat us like their brothers”, Nigerians praise Saudi Service Prover

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Some Young Nigerians who travelled to Saudi Arabia to work for A Saudi service provider, Ithraa Alkhair have commended the company for exemplary humanity throughout their stays in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Some of the workers spoke to HAJJ REPORTERS on their way to the Airport to board Ethiopian Airlines back to Nigerian said they never thought such an opportunity would come their way  

Aminu Ibrahim Azare said the company allowed him to kill two birds with one stone. First, I have never been to Saudi Arabia, and today here I am. Ithraa Alkhair enables me to visit Saudi Arabia, perform umrah and earn good money. May Almighty Allah reward them. They gave us free accommodation, and free food, transported us to Saudi Arabia and going back home and still paid huge sums of money for the work. May Almighty Allah reward them Ameen

Umar Malala Usman said he hope to be this lucky again next year. I am full of appreciation to Ithraa Alkhair for allowing me to perform umrah for the first time in my life and also earn money. This is quite amazing to me personally because it comes at a time when things are really difficult back home in Nigeria.

Speaking in the same vein, Nasiru Aliyu Saleh who works in the Kitchen run by Shurakar Alkhair praised the organization for treating them like their co-workers and brothers. “These people have shown me that truly they have the fear of Almighty Allah at heart. I work in the kitchen and you won’t know that I am an adhoc staff due to the way and manner we relate with each other. There is nothing I can say than to say ‘Jazakhailahu Khair to them and May Almighty Allah continue to bless their families and businesses. 

On his part, Muhammad Rufai Muhammad attributes the success of 2204 hajj, especially in the feeding to the passion and dedication of all the staff that work with Ithraa Alkhair and their untiring commitment to ensure that things are done as planned. “They are committed and they told us that they brought us here to come and serve our brothers and sisters who are guests of Al Rahma. We have no option but to put in our best. It is a wonderful experience for me. He added 

It will be recalled that the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria NAHCON promised to ensure that Nigerians are incorporated into the kitchen and other positions within the Saudi Arabia-based service providers to serve Nigerian pilgrims. In compliance, Nigeria appointed service providers, Ithraa Alkhair revealed that it recruited over 50 adhoc staff from Nigeria to be part of the Catering section for the 2024 hajj.  

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