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The Assistant Undersecretary for Saudi Hajj and Umrah Services, Eng. Hisham Saeed, revealed that permits for visits, prayers, and Umrah are issued automatically without any interview fees. Okaz newspaper quoted Saeed as saying that the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah launched an electronic application for the issuance of permits, which ensures that the possible operational capacity of the application is taken into account. Precautionary and preventive measures in the Two Holy Mosques and the maintenance of human health and safety.

He pointed out that when designing the application the ease of use of the user was taken into account as it went through easy basic steps, including registering in the application with an effective account in the Tawakolna application, choosing the purpose of the permit (Umrah, prayer, visiting), choosing the appropriate time and date for the permit applicant according to the available periods. , Stressing that the permit is issued instantly without any wages for it, and the registrant in the application can add companions with him to perform the rituals if personal information is available for the companions in order to facilitate the procedures for issuing the permit, which is also free and does not require any fees.

He pointed out that the application works on all smart devices, as the Ministry of Hajj and Age aims to adapt the technology to make the guest of Rahman’s journey easy and easy and take into account all his needs and requests, even if he wants to choose additional services such as housing, transportation, etc., and the newspaper indicated that incorrect news was reported in circulation claiming that obtaining The “performance of Umrah” permit requires payment of fees estimated at 800 riyals, which made some people upset, especially those who are ignorant of dealing with technology and did not download the application on their devices because it does not support or for their old age, in addition to the presence of some weak souls (who used their devices to register those wishing to perform Umrah through their mobile phone to profit), which prompted some to dismiss the reservation.
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