Adnan Mahmoud Bostaji: My Last Encounter with the People’s Ambassador, by Ibrahim Muhammed

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Ibrahim Muhammed

National Coordinator, 

Independent Hajj Reporters 


“To Allah (Almighty God) we belong, and to Him is our return.

” (Qur’an 2:156)


Multitudes of men have walked on the surface of this Earth. They all belonged to different nations and cultures. A few of them made history for which they were remembered, whereas others were never to be mentioned again. Although each one was personally different from another – their habits, thinking and tastes differed – they all had two (2) things in common, first, they were all delivered from their mother’s womb (birth) and second, they all tasted death. Who claims he has lived a thousand years?



Death is an inevitable visitor. It will come when it has to come, it may come as a surprise guest or an anticipated guest but the only certain certainty is that – we shall all taste it now or later. The death of Saudi Arabia Ambassador to Nigeria. Mr Adnan Bostaji has made me realize that the death of good people will always send a shiver down the spine of those whom he has touched with human milk of kindness. 


A finesse diplomat, an open-minded gentleman, a humble man superintending the busiest embassy in Nigeria. The late Saudi Ambassador was a thorough breed diplomat with uncommon humility. He combined an effective leadership model of a diplomathonest, straightforward, dependable, and cooperativeness. 


 The Saudi Arabia Ambassador to Nigeria was the special guest of honour and a recipient of ‘Hajj Personality Award” during Independent Hajj Reporters Hajj Excellence Award held on 23rd of January at stone hedge hotels in Abuja. Ambassador was in Saudi when IHR sent a letter of nomination as “Hajj Personality of the year’ to the Embassy. He called me to know the details of the award. After our conversation, he then promised to come to Nigeria for the purpose of attending the Hajj Reporters Award and return back to Saudi Arabia thereafter. 


A day to the event, on 22nd of January, I called him to inquire whether he will personally grace the occasion and he told me that he will be coming to Hajj Reporters Award God’s willing.


He arrived at the venue of the event on time where he exchanges pleasantries and shakes hands with virtually everyone that raise a hand to greet him. He spoke so eloquently to the admiration of everyone. How will I know that the event will be our last meeting in this world?


On Sunday 2nd February 2020 at exactly 1:55 pm, the late Ambassador forwarded a message through WhatsApp to me and I reply to him by 5:27 pm in the evening of the same day. 

Interestingly, the late Saudi Arabia Ambassador personally forwarded his profile published on Sunday 2nd February by Arab News Newspaper. also published the profile and he was very grateful and sends me ‘Thank your Mr Ibrahim’ message through WhatsApp 


Interestingly, I was to call him after Zuhr prayer on the very day his death was communicated to me at exactly 12:44 pm today.


May Almighty grants the soul of Mr Adnan Bostaji Ameen




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